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Life can be hard. The journey, difficult. We face illness. We face loss. We face broken relationships. We face abuse. We face mountains of tasks with limited energy and abilities. Our bodies become tired. Our spirits become weary. We need rest. All too often we begin to believe that in all this doing is where our value lies instead of realizing that our value is simply in being.


Country Village Retreat is a place to breathe. A place to find peace. A place to gain strength. A place to find renewed passion. It is for the sister, mother, daughter, or friend who needs to rest. It is a place to reflect, renew, and refresh. A place to find freedom.


Come and celebrate the woman God made you to be, not the woman you too often feel that you are. Join us at Country Village Retreat for laughter, love, and life. Register today, and start your path to healing and wholeness. (Pricing is different for each retreat, as our retreats are held at various venues. Visit our Retreats page, and click on the retreat you’re interested in to see pricing.)


If you have a loved one who would benefit from a stay at Country Village Retreat, you and other friends and family members can make separate donations toward her registration. Donate in her name today.


Our Mission: To create an environment that promotes relaxation and healing of the mind, body, and spirit.