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Helping Hands for Hurting Hearts

Country Village Retreat came to be as its founder, Mary Barrett Zopfi, held tightly to the promise that good would come from her pain and heartache. Her journey and path were not what she had expected, but she found peace in knowing that there was a purpose.

It didn’t mean that she liked it. It didn’t mean that she didn’t question it. It didn’t mean that she didn’t fight it. But she found peace. She found strength.

Now she hopes to walk alongside other women as they journey through tough times. Her passion is to help them not only find renewed strength, but a renewed vision of who they are and what their purpose is. To help them know they are not alone.

Country Village Retreat is designed to benefit any woman. We all deal with life’s stresses in different forms, whether it’s divorce, the loss of a loved one, health concerns, financial strain, or any number of challenges. If you need a time of rest, reflection, and renewal, you will find it here. We’ll bring your focus back to life, love, laughter, silver linings, and sisterhood.

Welcome to Country Village Retreat.